Death Trap?

If you are following along on the quest for a kayak, you’ll probably want to watch this video review of the Sun Dolphin Aruba. To be fair, a kayak can only be reviewed for how it performs in its intended purpose and this YouTuber has whitewater in mind. I never knew a kayak could fold up in the water.

Two other things: (1) Apparently these guys are local (the Mayo is a local river) and (2) googling the Dagger Katana, I found another outfitter in Greensboro to visit, the Great Outdoor Provision Company.

The Dagger Katana looks perfect to me.

Paddling For Polio

Recent rains triggered a warning that flow from the Philpott Dam had been increased and the flow of the Smith River would be 800 CFS, up from 350 CFS. The water would likely be a bit muddy. Paddling was not advised for anyone without experience. So, just hours before the scheduled event, the question was “are you experienced”?

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Getting Out on the Smith River in Martinsville

I have finally gotten on the Smith River.  It’s been on my list for years.  After all, it’s right here.  It’s a beautiful river and I’ve always wanted to get on it but I never could find anyone who knew the river to tell me anything about it.  Like… are there rapids?  Are there falls?  What skill level do you need? Et cetera. (This is not entirely true because there is an outfitter. Read this as I couldn’t get my husband interested in the Smith. He was fixated on the Dan.) Continue reading Getting Out on the Smith River in Martinsville