If You Live Here

There really is so much to do here.  There’s all of the things that are fun for a tourist but there are a lot of programs for the folks that live here too.  Here is what we’ve found in one handy, dandy list.

MHC Coalition for Health & Wellness

This is by far the best program I’ve run across (in my opinion, of course).  The Coalition for Health & Wellness has all kinds of exercise programs offered at different places throughout Martinsville and Henry County.  They are free to the public and open to any age.  Mother and I have been attending Chair Aerobics at the Spencer Penn Center for some time now and it is a good class.  I’ve seen her mobility getting better and I can tell that I’m getting a bit stronger too.  The Chair Aerobics classes have stretching, light hand weight work, and resistance band exercises. Our instructor  also leads a water aerobics class at the Martinsville YMCA’s pool and at the Bassett Community Center. Check out their web site for their schedule of classes (which also include yoga, zumba, and sculpting aerobics).

College for Older Adults – Classes and Hiking

Reynolds Homestead, a beautiful and historic home on acreage up around Critz and a part of Virginia Tech, has a program called COA, the College for Older Adults. They have a lot of classes just for those age 50 and above but they also have an active hiking schedule.  They are going to real hiking destinations.  These are not trips around the hospital or mall.  I don’t qualify yet but I will sign up as soon as I do.  Registration is inexpensive – $60 for the whole program or $40 if you are just in it for the hikes.  Some classes have additional fees.

Henry County 50+ Club

Henry County has a very active program for people 50 years and over.  We are most interested in the low cost trips for seniors that leave from here and go to places as close as Greensboro and as far away as New Orleans but many of the day-to-day activities provide a lot of opportunity for Mom to get out and mingle, have fun, and still be in by dark.  The county’s number is (276) 634-4644.  Activities include:

  • Free lunches Mondays and Tuesdays
  • Breakfast Meet-up every fourth Tuesday
  • Lunch Meet-up every third Tuesday
  • Bridge Club – 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 12:30 PM
  • Bowling League – Mom was told that she could bowl for $5 a month
  • Men & Women’s Golf Tournament
  • Weekly Trail Hikes
  • Afternoon movie days
  • Classes – computers, line dancing, knitting, scrapbooking
  • Zumba

Ernie Dale, Roanoke Tours

This one has been difficult to pin down.  From what I can gather, he offers a wide variety of tours – some of which pick up from here in Henry County – but he has no web site.  I found this 2011 article about him and I’m continuing to try to figure this out.  I will update this as soon as I do.