Martinsville’s Uptown Farmers Market Appears to be Thriving

In spite of Covid, or maybe even because of it, the Martinsville Uptown Farmers Market was packed this chilly September Saturday.

We just had three inches of rain from Hurricane Sally and the temperature couldn’t have gotten very far into the seventies today but, despite a chilly breeze, the Martinsville Uptown Farmers Market was bustling this morning. I got there just before 10 and the parking lot was practically full.

They’ve recently added an online shopping system for the market, so I was worried that they would be open for pick-up only but that wasn’t the case.

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A Little Festive Spirit

Check out this visit to Unique Gifts & More in Ridgeway. They have a lot more than just Christmas but, man, do they have Christmas!

Are you ready for Christmas?  Don’t worry, it’s 111 days away but 6 days away from the end of 2020 so that can only be a good thing.  Unique Gifts & More in Ridgeway is one of the local businesses that is open now – with safeguards – and it will definitely put you in a festive spirit. Continue reading “A Little Festive Spirit”