Did You Know Daily Grind Has a Wine Club?

Daily Grind is a local staple for spicy lattes and hot lunches but today I learned that they also have clubs for craft beer and wine.

Daily Grind is a local coffee house on the edge of Uptown, the business and historic shopping center of Martinsville, and is located at 303 East Church Street. They are a good spot for what I call “fru fru coffee” and a good hot lunch.  It’s been a while since I’ve been by so I figured it was a good time to see what was new.   I left having had the good lunch that I had expected and a wine club membership that I hadn’t expected. Continue reading “Did You Know Daily Grind Has a Wine Club?”

The Mountain Valley Brewery Can Can

Every time I go to Mountain Valley Brewing, they’ve got something new. Check out this post to see how they are dealing with social distancing and their new offering – canned beer!

Please excuse the word play.  I couldn’t resist. The take-away is that you can now get canned beer from Mountain Valley Brewing.

Mountain Valley Brewing is the only craft brewery in Henry County and is located in Axton, on the far east side of the county.  You take Highway 58 like you are going to Danville and turn north on Mountain Valley Road.  Once you have decided that you absolutely must have gone too far because it’s all fields and wild, it will be on your right. It started as a hops farm and the brewery came later.  There are signs by the road and there is a clearly marked parking area. Continue reading “The Mountain Valley Brewery Can Can”