Rain and Leaves at Philpott Lake

What a difference a few days makes. When I visited Philpott Lake earlier this week, the leaves were mostly still green. Driving around Martinsville-Henry County right now is a stunning visual feast so, despite a light rain, I went back. Here are the best of my shots (or, at least, my favorites):

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A Perch on Philpott Lake

There is a spot on Philpott Lake that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It is a beautiful spot year round with a great view of the lake and the dam, benches for sitting, picnic grounds, trails, and a small museum in the visitor’s center.

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Paddling For Polio

Recent rains triggered a warning that flow from the Philpott Dam had been increased and the flow of the Smith River would be 800 CFS, up from 350 CFS. The water would likely be a bit muddy. Paddling was not advised for anyone without experience. So, just hours before the scheduled event, the question was “are you experienced”?

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