Getting Out on the Smith River in Martinsville

Check out these photos of a trip down the Smith River from the South Martinsville access to the Smith River Sports Complex!

I have finally gotten on the Smith River.  It’s been on my list for years.  After all, it’s right here.  It’s a beautiful river and I’ve always wanted to get on it but I never could find anyone who knew the river to tell me anything about it.  Like… are there rapids?  Are there falls?  What skill level do you need? Et cetera. (This is not entirely true because there is an outfitter. Read this as I couldn’t get my husband interested in the Smith. He was fixated on the Dan.) Continue reading “Getting Out on the Smith River in Martinsville”

Spencer Penn Restarts Music Night

First Friday music nights have restarted at the Spencer Penn Center and the new outdoor venue is enchanting.

It’s been a long six months but some of the local staples of life are making a comeback. Spencer Penn restarted its monthly Music Night this Friday with the Travis Frye & Blue Mountain bluegrass band. The band said it has been a while for them to be able to get out and play too so they have been loading up videos to their Facebook page in the meantime. Be sure to check them out! Continue reading “Spencer Penn Restarts Music Night”