Next Weekend – June 27th (Updated)

I’m going to try something new this week and see if it works. As I find fun things coming up for the next weekend, I’ll update this post.

Right this very moment, I don’t know of anything scheduled so I’m thinking about going up to the Roanoke Mountain Adventures and renting one of their kayaks. You pay for the package with them so having my own now is no help in this case. On the plus side, it looks like they rent sit-on-top kayaks. I’ve never tried a sit-on-top kayak before and, since I’m interested in buying a Tootega Huntsman, it might be a good idea for “research”.


Well, that certainly didn’t work well.

I had hoped to essentially knock out two birds with one stone by organizing the events that looked like fun in one place.

What’s happening in real life is that there are a ton of events planned with no coherent theme, timing, or location. Organizing them in a post is not going to work.

Since I’ve brought it up, here is what I know of at the moment:

July 29th – Henry County Parks & Recreation 50+ Club is having a senior kayaking event out at Fairy Stone State Park. It’s a bring your own kayak event at 1:30. It is free to attend but they do ask that you call to register with them: 276-634-4600 (then choose 5 for the Parks & Rec Department). This is a monthly event and the location for August 26th is Philpott Lake.

July 31st – Brushy Mountain Peach and Heritage Festival is in downtown Wilkesboro, NC from 9 to 5. If you search for Wilkesboro Peach Festival and find one cancelled due to COVID, it is NOT this one. I promise. We’ve already had this discussion (more than once) within my group. This one is on. It is going to happen.

August 1st – The Churchmen are in concert at Horsepasture Christian Church, 6:15 in the evening.

August 7th – Dan River Basin Association will be hiking the trail out at the Reynolds Homestead.

August 14th – The Homestead Hikers group will be hiking Twin Ridge to Salthouse. I have no idea what that means but you can bet that they do. This is an all-skill-levels welcome group and they do an excellent job of curating good hikes.

August 15 – Horsepasture Christian Church is having an ice cream social at 6:00 in the evening.

September 3rd – 5th – Appalachian Vibes Music Festival at Mountain Valley Brewing. I don’t know much about this yet but it looks H-U-G-E.

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I am nobody in particular. Just an average nut and crazy cat lady trying to keep it all together. I am blogging to keep myself entertained and share my area with friends, family, and anyone who might be interested. I believe in always trying to find the positive and supporting the local area and local businesses in the process.

2 thoughts on “Next Weekend – June 27th (Updated)”

    1. lol, I was talking to a friend in church this morning and she has a kayak and a truck. She said she’d love to get out on some water and, in fact, there’s this thing next week ….

      So, yes, I think that I am firmly into the “enjoy” part. 🙂

      And that was incredibly fast.


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