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Shopping Locally Online: Pieces Too

If you have a computer, a credit card, and aren’t considered essential, you’ve probably (like me) done a fair amount of online shopping over the past few months. Recently, I noticed a link on a website that said that local boutique Pieces Too offered online shopping, so I thought I’d give that a try.

The Pieces Boutique Website

It turns out that Pieces has got everyone covered for whatever kind of shopping you want to do. You can shop online and have it delivered to your home or you can have it delivered to the store where you can swap it out for something else if you wish or change your mind entirely.

When you shop with Pieces, you are actually shopping two separate boutiques at once. This is a mother-daughter duo with a location in Martinsville and a location in Nashville, Tennessee. If you are shopping via Instagram, Pieces is the Nashville boutique. Pieces Too is the Martinsville boutique.

Pieces Too is located at 1321 S. Memorial Boulevard. The proprietress, Brenda Simpson, is a retired schoolteacher who helped with the start of Pieces to launch her daughter’s dream of a career in fashion. This wasn’t a whim. Her daughter had been studying fashion and opening her own boutique was an ultimate goal. Now open for several years, the duo has proven that they know the business and are around for the long haul.

The Latest in Tunics Available at Pieces Too

My personal experience was good. I ordered two shirts, one of which was brought in from the Tennessee location, and asked for them to be delivered for pickup at the Martinsville location.

The boutique is into its “comfy season” and there was a big selection of warmer clothes, including the latest colors and popular waffle knit sweaters. If you are looking for casual yet stylish, this is your place.

The Current Season Colors and Lots of Waffle Knit Shirts

The store carries sizes small to 3x and there are a lot of temptations. I ended up deciding against one of my orders (absolutely beautiful and a good brand but it ran small) and substituted it with another. I also found a cardigan and a bracelet before all was said and done.

Lots of Colors & Designs

There is a good selection of accessories at Pieces Too and the prices are extraordinarily reasonable.

Pieces Too Features a Good Selection of Accessories

For instance, the bracelet I picked out features polished stones with a gold accent for only $8.

If you are interested in shopping Pieces Too, please check out their website, Instagram account, or Facebook page. The Martinsville boutique is open Thursdays and Fridays from 11 to 6 and Saturdays from 10:30 to 3. If you catch her on social media, she’ll also open up on an appointment basis on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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    1. I hear you but I’ve gained 20 pounds since March and have discovered leggings and tunics give me a comfortable alternative while I work on trying to drop some of this weight. I went somewhere a couple of weeks ago and my neighbor mentioned that I was “all gussied up”. Truth was, I was in my strecthiest clothes, lol! I’m also working on a cardigan collection so that I can keep the thermostat a little lower. It seems like nowadays “comfortable” and “hot” are separated by half a degree.

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