Downtown Madison is a street of boutiques housed in historic brick buildings

New Store Opened in Madison NC

The thing about shopping in downtown Madison is there is good parking and, once parked, you can easily while away several hours. There is a coffee shop, the Mad Bean, that serves breakfast and lunch, besides coffee. There is a restaurant, Southern Spirits, that serves dinner. There is a craft brewery that serves beer. Add a good selection of boutiques and you’ve got a good recipe for a day well spent.

If you are worried about Covid, I have to admit that this is probably the riskiest thing I’ve done in a while. Everyone wore masks, for the most part, but there is a lot of foot traffic. Popping into one shop, everyone wearing masks, probably isn’t a problem. Popping into all the shops and then stopping for a beer afterwards, well, no one seems able to tell us exactly how risky that is. I’ll let you know if I get sick.

Bluestone-IVY – A Style for Every Story

Bluestone-Ivy had their grand opening this past Saturday, September 26th, so a friend and I made an afternoon of it.

Bluestone Ivy Storefront

They offer a cute mix of casual women’s clothing – t-shirts, jeans, cardigans, blouses, and a little bling.

Cute Casual Outfit at Bluestone Ivy

There is a mix of seasonal t-shirts and inspirational t-shirts. They also had beautiful lace halter tops for those with the neck, arms, and perky bits to wear them. I had my day. I’m not jealous or anything. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could mail something back to our twenty-year-old self?

Inspirational T-Shirts at Bluestone Ivy

I came home with one of the cardigans pictured above but I’m going back soon to get a shirt from one of the other shops and I’m thinking I should have bought one of the seasonal shirts here. At the very least, I’ll have more photos, so check back.

Outside Salem & Charlie’s

We went in almost every boutique. A couple next to Bluestone had signs up restricting video so I didn’t take pictures. I will ask permission when I go back for the softest shirt I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I’m not sure which boutique it was in, but I’m thinking it was Salem & Charlie’s.

Outside Salem & Charlie’s were these awesome Madison-Mayodan t-shirts that show a lot of the major attractions in the area. From left-to-right, top-down: Fall Creek Falls, the Mayflower seafood restaurant, VIBE nutrition, a random bit of railroad?, Bob’s Restaurant, the river with tubers floating down it, a municipal building?, The Mad Bean Coffee House, Madison Dry Goods, the historic clock tower, Salem and Charlie’s, Airport Drive-in Restaurant, Mayodan Outdoor Sports, and another municipal building.

Madison-Mayodan T-Shirt of Local Landmarks

I had not heard of VIBE before. Looking at their Facebook page, it’s on the list for the next trip. Also, I saw a place advertising tube rentals but it didn’t look open. I’ll ask around and see what’s available. That might be a “next year” thing since it has cooled off.

Madison Dry Goods

I cannot go to Madison without going inside Madison Dry Goods. Half the store is dedicated to clothing. Half the store is dedicated to salsas, and mixes, and candy, and just fun stuff (mostly edible). Upstairs is a museum.

Selection of Custom Shirts at Madison Dry Goods

Madison Dry Goods also has a selection of custom t-shirts that you can only get here. Some are tongue-in-cheek, like the “Hike Naked” t-shirt that says on the back it makes your cheeks rosy. But some designs are classy, like the Dan River Expedition Company t-shirts. I have a few of these shirts and can testify that they stand up to time, washing, and wearing.

Dan River Expedition Company Shirts (An Exclusive)

Winter clothes like flannel shirts and vest jackets are on the floor now. There was something that I made a mental note to go back for but I’ve forgotten what it was. Realistically, no mental note is needed. I always go into Dry Goods when I go to Madison.

Winter Clothes are Coming In
Hell on Horsecreek Brewing

We wrapped up our day with a brew at Hell on Horsecreek Brewing. The last time I was here, the brewery just had a “coming soon” sign in the window. My husband was anxious to try it.

Hell on Horsecreek Brewing

It is a small brewery but pleasant. There is not a ton of seating so we had our beer and left as more people came in. I had the Alamo, a Mexican-style lager, and my friend had the Screamsicle, a wheat. I don’t qualify as a craft beer snob so I can’t give the finer points on a beer. A Mexican-style lager, though, is pretty light – as I expected. If you generally prefer domestics, try it as an introduction. I’m going to have to try the Screamsicle. That’s another thing about Covid… there’s no sharing any more.

Hell on Horsecreek Brewing

If you are interested in more information about shopping in Madison, this is in Rockingham County, NC and they have a good business directory.

I will be heading back soon. If there is something specific I should stop in and see, please let me know down in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “New Store Opened in Madison NC”

  1. Madison is one of the best things about living where we do in Henry County. The owners are super friendly. When I visited one day a few years ago, with my camera in hand, they let me roam at will, capturing the uniqueness of the establishment. After my photography session, I shopped and walked out with some very affordable items of clothing. The owner thanked me for stopping by and said he’d welcome me back anytime. In sum, it would be nice if we could see more retail stores like this one in Uptown Martinsville. However, living in Ridgeway, I can be in Madison about as quickly as I can Martinsville.

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    1. I agree. The Dry Goods store really stands out. The shop owner is excellent at customer relations. Our Uptown area has “the bones” for having a great shopping area but the few independent boutique stores that there are are really spread out. My personal opinion is that sidewalk seating for restaurants would help promote foot traffic but I can only shop on the weekends. Maybe it’s more heavily trafficked during the weekdays? I’m keeping my figures crossed though. I’d love to see Uptown as busy as Madison on a Saturday.


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