Deep Creek Farm's table at the Farmers Market selling potatos, honey, and deep fried apple pies

Martinsville’s Uptown Farmers Market Appears to be Thriving

We just had three inches of rain from Hurricane Sally and the temperature couldn’t have gotten very far into the seventies today but, despite a chilly breeze, the Martinsville Uptown Farmers Market was bustling this morning. I got there just before 10 and the parking lot was practically full.

They’ve recently added an online shopping system for the market, so I was worried that they would be open for pick-up only but that wasn’t the case.

Roots & Leaves Sells Vegetarian Options

I do hope that they keep the online system, even though I didn’t use it this time. I like the idea of being able to find a particular seller and contact them – particularly if they sell baked goods that I might want to pre-order for next time. Roots & Leaves may be a bad example because they are not currently listed on the online site but they are actually just the kind of merchant that I’m likely to want to see their menu to possibly pre-order baked goods from for next time. (There’s a copy of their menu posted as a photo on their Facebook page).

Harvet Bowl with Tahini Maple Fig Dressing from Roots & Leaves Farm

I’m not sure that their Harvest Bowl was made with lunch in mind but that’s how it worked for me. Honestly, they had me at butternut squash. They also sold a vegetarian shepherd’s pie that makes an excellent dinner. Looking at their menu, I’m thinking that butternut bisque might freeze well.

The online system is still not going to help when you don’t know who the vendor is though. I’ve bought plants from the vendor pictured below before and I can’t remember the name. I’m sorry. If you are the vendor and happen to read this, please let me know and I’ll give you a shout out. Excellent, healthy plants.

Plants and Peppers For Sale at the Farmers Market

Henry’s Coffee was there selling coffee and making fresh cups. They also have an online shopping option on their website.

Henry’s Fresh Roast Selling Coffee Bagged and By The Cup

There are some vendors, like K&W Produce & More, who are long time vendors without contact info on the online system so the system is a little hit or miss. In some cases, you simply have to show up.

Loaves of Zucchini, Peach, and Banana Bread from K&W Produce

But whichever way that you get something from the Farmers Market, each will give its own reward in the end. And, yes, the peach bread from K&W is just as heavenly as it looks.

Peach Bread from K&W Produce cut and plated, showing off its moisture and texture.
Peach Bread from K&W Produce

The Martinsville Uptown Farmers Market is located across the street from the New College Institute in a lot bordered by Church, Moss, and Main Streets. It is open on Saturdays from 8 to noon, April through November . It also has Wednesday hours of 8 to noon from June until the end of September.

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