Spencer Penn Restarts Music Night

It’s been a long six months but some of the local staples of life are making a comeback. Spencer Penn restarted its monthly Music Night this Friday with the Travis Frye & Blue Mountain bluegrass band. The band said it has been a while for them to be able to get out and play too so they have been loading up videos to their Facebook page in the meantime. Be sure to check them out!

Travis Frye & Blue Mountain bluegrass band
Travis Frye & Blue Mountain Bluegrass Band

In light of Covid-19, there have been some changes to Music Night.  The biggest change is that the stage is set up in the ball park behind the Spencer Penn building. There is a parking area by the gate that they would like to reserve for the handicapped so park as you would usually and walk around the to the back of the building.

The Stage is Set Up in the Ball Park
The Stage is Set Up in the Ball Park

Folks are encouraged to bring their lawn chairs or blankets and space out on the lawn in front of the stage. There is plenty of room and almost everyone was wearing a mask so the venue seems as safe as can be. Temperature checks were taken at the gate. Tickets were $5.

Temperature Checks are Taken at the Gate
Temperature Checks are Taken at the Gate

The gates opened at 5:30 and the band went on at 6:30 to play two 45 minute sets. The building is open for restroom access but there were no indoor activities and there was no meal served this time.

And people did still dance.  There were a few flat footers who brought dance boards so the outdoor venue didn’t slow them down.  Plus, there were a few flat footers without boards too.

Flat Footers found a way to flat foot
Flat Footers Find a Way

It was a small crowd this time but this is new and it will take a while for people to know that the music is back on, where it is, and what it looks like. By the time everyone figures all that out, we’ll probably be back inside the building.  For now, though, I love the changes.  Bluegrass lends itself to being outdoors.  The music was excellent and the weather was not an issue (rain threatened but stayed away).

Plenty of Space to Spread Out
Plenty of Space to Spread Out

Music night was usually a first Friday event so the next one should be October 2nd but it hasn’t been posted yet to Spencer Penn’s Facebook page.  If this looks like something that you’d enjoy, keep an eye out on their page for when it is announced.

Spencer Penn is a community center that provides a number of services to the community in addition to being a local venue for events.  It survives in part through memberships.  The current goal of 525 members is expected to be met by the end of this month.  If you  are interested in helping to support Spencer Penn, please visit http://www.thecentreatspencerpenn.com/support-us/ to make a donation or become a member.

Spencer Penn is located on the west side of Henry County at 475 Spencer Penn Road in the community of Spencer.  Take Highway 58 like you are headed to Stuart and turn south onto Spencer Penn Road by the post office.  You can’t miss it.

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