A Little Festive Spirit

Are you ready for Christmas?  Don’t worry, it’s 111 days away but 6 days away from the end of 2020 so that can only be a good thing.  Unique Gifts & More in Ridgeway is one of the local businesses that is open now – with safeguards – and it will definitely put you in a festive spirit.

It is located at 6585 Greensboro Road in Ridgeway, in the strip mall across the street from Clarence’s Steak & Seafood (which has been open for dine-in since June).

Store front for Unique Gifts
Store front for Unique Gifts

Unique Gifts & More lives up to its name with goods both hand-crafted and commercially made.  This is home for many different vendors and the mix available can be a little overwhelming.  There is just too much to see in just one stop.

And, of course, it’s not all Christmas.  If you are gearing up for Halloween and fall decorating, they’ve got that covered too.  As the sign says, “It’s October, Witches”.  Well, it’s September now but it will be October soon enough and anything that makes this year go by faster is a good thing.

Halloween Decorations - painted pumpkins and a tall placard saying It's October Witches
It’s October, Witches

There are several rooms to explore at Unique Gifts & More so feel free to wander through the hallway by the register.  Look at everything.  I found this display of the cutest little creatures in the room farthest back.

Shelves of hand made decorations for the entire end of the year - Halloween, Fall, and Christmas
So Many Hand Made Decorations

And the prices are so reasonable.  At $4, this cutesy sitting crow wearing glasses is an easy way to cheer up your space at home or the office.  Since we’re talking Christmas a bit here, this is a good mental note for Secret Santas out there.  You’ll come in well under budget and can you imagine gifting a co-worker with something so cute?

Hand made crow wearing glasses for $4
This Cute Sitting Crow is Only $4

But I really am not exaggerating the Christmas theme.  It is everywhere.  I love the moose. I love the Christmas tree.  I’m a little concerned about what happened to Santa here though.  I didn’t notice at first but two Santa legs are sticking up from the left side of the tree, which is topped by snow man’s hat.  Is this sinister?  Is the tree eating Santa?  I’d love to hear your theories in the comments.

Christmas tree with Santa's legs sticking up and a YuleTide Moose
Winter Moose Beside a Christmas Tree … Eating Santa?

Just to emphasize my point, here is a shot that is just too busy and I would normally not post.  It does give you a feel though.  I also just noticed the Santa’s legs sticking up in the background.  Poor Santa.  Is this a theme?

Nice sled on the left.

A Crammed Pack Room of Christmas
A Crammed Pack Room of Christmas

In a normal year where there are festivals going on close by almost every other weekend, Unique Gifts often takes some of their wares out to the festivals.  You may have seen some of their traveling wreaths.

An elaborate Christmas wreath with a snow person carrying gingerbread cookies
An Elaborate Christmas Wreath with a Snow Person Carrying Gingerbread Cookies

One of my favorite finds was this set of decorative saucers with a fox in the snow.  It’s the type of thing I’d really like to get but can’t think of an excuse. (Men, that’s a hint.  Women like gifts like this.  Your wife, for example.)

Decorative Holiday Saucers with a Fox in the Snow
Decorative Holiday Saucers with a Fox in the Snow

So now that I’ve got you thinking that Unique Gifts & More is all about holiday decorations, let me walk that back a bit.  There’s more.  A lot more.

For example, look at the table of hand made wooden gift ideas by Carsen Baker.  Very nice quality and very, very reasonably priced.

Wooden Gifts Hand Crafted by Carsen Baker
Wooden Gifts Hand Crafted by Carsen Baker

And then there’s this lavender arrangement for $12 and a wooden “dad pack” 6 -pack container with a bottle opener for $29.50.

An arrangement of lavender for $12 and a Dad Pack for $24.50
A Lavender Arrangement for $12 and a Dad Pack for $24.50

And, so, what did I get today?  Besides a much-needed trip out of the house, I picked up a set of the scent tarts called “Fall Breeze, Crunchy Leaves” for $3.

A new vendor is selling tarts and candles
Fall Breeze and Crunchy Leaves is One of the Available Scents

I hope you find my “finds” interesting and pay Unique Gifts a visit.  I posted pictures of my favorite things and now I’m kind of wishing that I’d bought some of them so you may need to beat me there to get them first.

If you are interested in contacting Unique Gifts & More to make purchases or possibly join them as a vendor, check out their Facebook page here:


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5 thoughts on “A Little Festive Spirit”

    1. Thank you! I’ve had a horrible year and a half where I really didn’t know what I was going to do. I lost both my mom (August 2018) and my husband (April 2019) and then, just when I was ready to try to rejoin the world, covid hit. So, I’ll be flailing around for a bit but I think that getting out and blogging will help get me back into a more healthy routine. I’m in love with those saucers … and the lavender arrangement. I haven’t gone back to get them yet but it’s very likely that I will. 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


      1. I can empathize with you on the losses and Covid. It is a process that is for sure–sending kind and healing thoughts your way! I had a hard two years with losing Dad and then Mom and I did not think I was going to get past it. We retired in May, and while we have not yet been able to do our planned road trip, the rest and isolation has been helpful for me.

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    1. I heard that! Funny thing is that Luke (Steve’s son) just got a job up in your neck of the woods. He went to CO once during the summer and is excited to move there from TX but I’m wondering about winter. I don’t think any of us actually gave that any thought. This means that I will undoubtedly be coming to CO for a visit at some point in the next few years. (He doesn’t move until next year). Probably not when it’s negative twelve degrees though.


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