Henry County has really stepped up to the plate with this new promo.

Author: Beth Barton

I like to joke that I am a Texan living abroad. My husband is a Mainer and we chose to live in Henry County, Virgina because of its abundant natural beauty, temperate climate, and slow pace of life. We love small town America, the outdoors, cats, and chickens. I keep hoping to someday discover my inner artist but have so far only excelled at purchasing supplies. I am an accountant at heart. Sad, but true.

2 thoughts on “#HenryCountyIsHome”

  1. Come join us in uptown Martinsville for beginning art classes. We would love to meet you! Wednesdays from 9:30-12:00 or Thursdays from 2:00-5:00. Or we can set up private lessons. Karen Despot, de Spot School of Art, 38 Franklin St., 734-6923 or 340-4045


    1. I would love to! I’m dealing with some family medical issues right now but, believe me, I’ve already been wanting to take a class there. (I looked into it during my busy season but then things got crazy for me again when they would normally have slowed down).


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