Creek Bottom Brews – Galax

The leaves have been late to change this year but, like everyone else, we’ve been anxious to get out and see them anyway. We knew not to expect much last weekend so our plan was to stop at Lovers Leap Scenic Outlook in Meadows of Dan and see what the color looked like.  If it was impressive, we’d hit the Parkway.  If not, we’d drive past the Parkway to Galax and stop in at a new craft beer brewpub we’d found on the way to Damascus last time. The color at Lovers Leap was not impressive.

In fact, some of the best color we saw that weekend was just along Highway 58 (“The Crooked Road”) in southern Floyd County and on the hill at the end of the street from the brewery in Galax.

Some of the Best Color We Saw – Intersection of Hwy 58 and Meadow Street, GALAX, VA

So we passed on the Parkway and headed up the Crooked Road to Creek Bottom Brews in Galax. If we weren’t going to see some leaves, we were at least going to have a lunch worth the drive.

Creek Bottom Brews In Downtown Galax

It was a Sunday afternoon and we got there about 2 o’clock, just as they were opening for the day.

Lots of Outdoor Seating at Creek Bottom Brews

In fact, we were the first patrons there.  The last time we were in, this long table was packed and there was always someone shopping.  We are like kids in a candy store here and our poor host had a heck of a time getting us seated, brews poured, and food ordered. He managed.

Mom Shopping at Creek Bottom Brews

Steve went straight for what we both had enjoyed last time, Creek Bottoms Trucker’s Route Stout. Mother is new to the craft beer scene so she and I had some tasters. She tried the Peak Organic Fresh Cut Czech Pilsner, which she didn’t like, and the Blue Mountain Classic Lager, which she did like, and then she ordered a Bud because that’s just how she rolls.  I went with a Creek Bottoms Helgrammite Brown Ale.

Mother objects to me taking a picture of her with a beer in her hand.  I pointed out that we were IN a craft beer store-slash-brewery and, besides, my taster made it look like I was having shots.  She smiled.  I took the picture.

Mom With a Beer In Her Hand

We had a ball.  In addition to lunch, we loaded up a six pack with craft beers for later and bought three koozies and a baseball cap. One of the koozies is going to California. It says “Life’s not so bad at THE BOTTOM”.  In case it matters, I’ll just say that Creek Bottom Brews did not solicit any promotion and has no idea that they have us as part of their fan base (of course, maybe they do now). We paid for everything we got and will gladly do it again.  (I have my eye on one of their t-shirts. Same fish. Same logo.)

Our Haul

Here’s the story from the back of the menu in the above photo:

“Creek Bottom Brewing, established February 2013, is owned and operated by a husband and wife team, John and Brandy Ayers and John’s sister, Tonya Reavis. CBB is a small scale Microbrewery, Eatery, and Craft Beer Store located in the heart of Galax, Virginia. John is also the head brewer with eight years of brewing under his belt.

Thirsty?  As a craft-beer focused establishment we pride ourselves in having a variety of our hand-crafted brews along with other local, regional, and global breweries. With hundreds of cold craft and domestic bottle beers and twenty-two taps, we’ll always have a favorite available for you to enjoy at the brewery or take it home!

Hungry?  With the addition of the wood-fired pizza oven, our team of chefs are handcrafting some of the finest artisan food around.


Get The Mother Clucker – You Won’t Be Sorry

The vegetarian Tree Hugger is a good sandwich and reminds me of Panera’s Mediterranean, one of my favorites.  The Biggie John is big and Steve loved it, though his eyes did well up with tears from the fresh jalapenos (but he likes that).  Hands down, though, the Mother Clucker chicken sandwich is phenomenal.   I haven’t made my way through their menu yet but it’s going to be hard to top the Mother Clucker, a half pound fresh beer brined chicken breast, butterflied and grilled, and served on a Ciabatta bun with, for a nominal charge, gouda cheese . They have a smoker out back (for ribs) and the wood-fired pizza oven looks enticing, so there’s definitely more to try.

SIX GREAT BIG THUMBS UP for Creek Bottom Brews (there were three of us, remember).  It’s worth a good little drive.  If you are on Highway 58 going through Galax anyway, you are only a couple blocks away down Meadow Street (next to Southern States).

A brewpub that serves food has got to be the greatest thing since slice bread.  Anyone have any recommendations for others?

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4 thoughts on “Creek Bottom Brews – Galax”

  1. I have just begun to appreciate the local micro brewery craft brews, so this was a really exciting read to me. (Your mom looks great btw and nothing I like more than a mother daughter road trip!) We had brews from local craft breweries on our trip through Virginia, and again in New Jersey this summer. I am still working on learning to love Mississippi brews. I hope to make the trip back up that way next year, so I will put this place on the list.

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    1. You’ve got a brewery down there in MS that we just love. I keep looking for their beers in the craft beer stores but haven’t seen them yet. It’s Lazy Magnolia in Kiln, MS. We loved their Southern Pecan Brown Ale and then we discovered their Sweet Potato Cream Stout later. Both really good for us dark beer drinkers. We have just an incredible number of craft microbreweries popping up here and I have no doubt that there’ll be even more by your next trip through. Be sure to give us a suggestion as you try them! Thanks 🙂


  2. Yes, Lazy Magnolia is great with both the ones you mentioned. There is another new Mississippi brewery, the Yalobusha Brewery in Water Valley. I am not much of an ale drinker most of the time, but they made a Larry Brown Ale (Brown was local author) that was pretty good–very dark. One of these days, I will drive down (it is only 20 minutes from here) and do the tour.

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